The new Range app for Slack brings all the best parts of Range directly to Slack. With the app, your team can Check-in to Range, without leaving Slack. Plus, you can now comment from with Slack, use slash commands, and easily update subscription settings.

If you're already using Range in Slack, you'll need to upgrade your workspace to the new Range app. To do so, you'll disconnect and re-connect Range to Slack.

Removing the old app

Head to the Settings page in Range. From the integrations section, find Slack and click disconnect.

Warning: You'll want to confirm that you have the ability to add apps to Slack before removing it for your workspace. Some organizations restrict the ability to Slack admins only. Otherwise, you might disconnected but not be able to add the new app.

Adding the new app

You’ll need an admin on Slack to connect Range to Slack. From the same settings page, the admin should click “Connect Slack” and follow the steps.

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