Writing a check-in from Slack is the best way to let your team know what you’re working on without having to open a different application.

Setting up Slack and Range

To get started, make sure Range is connected to Slack and that your identity on Slack is linked to your identity in Range.

You’ll want to be sure your team channel is subscribed to Range as well.

Writing your Check-in

To learn how to write your Check-In, check out this video or read on below.

Start Your Check-In

To start writing your check-in, type /checkin from any channel or direct message. You can also get started by clicking the Check-In from Slack button in your team or DM reminders.

Writing Your Check-In

Your Check-in helps you take a moment to plan your day and share with your team. You can start adding items to your Plan and What’s Happened section. Use the * to bullet each item and add a new line for each additional activity.


You can also add attachments just like in the Range web app. Attachments in the list are all included in your updated. To additional attachments, select it from dropdown menu. To share additional context on the attachment, you can reference it in your Plan or What's Happened sections using the bracketed number [1].


The next step is to take a moment to connect with your team on a personal level. You can answer a team question and share how you’re feeling through our emoji mood. These cultural moments help your team feel more connected to you and build psychological safety over time.


Click Publish, and your check-in will be shared on Slack and in Range.

Need more help? Reach out over Intercom to chat with our team.

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