Range helps teams collaborate and stay in sync. Slack helps teams communicate and collaborate. What’s the difference and how do Range and Slack work together?

Slack is a tool for instant communication, often used when multiple teammates are online at the same time. It’s an amazing tool for asking questions and finding out an immediate answer. What is difficult in Slack is the sheer volume of unstructured information—catching up on a team channel or finding that one doc that was shared can be a daunting task. That’s where Range can support teams in partnership with Slack. With structured check-ins, meetings, and goals, Range makes it easy to keep track of information overtime and build true transparency where everyone has access and can find the information they need.

Range doesn’t replace the need for instant communication, it meets teams where they work—which is often Slack. Range works with Slack in a few different ways:

  • Slack Check-Ins – Teams can write, share, and read each other’s check-ins without ever leaving from Slack. Learn more.
  • Transparent Notifications – The Range webapp has many features beyond check-ins including meetings and objectives. By subscribing Slack channels to Range teams, teams can send meeting notes and objective update to Slack for everyone to see and learn from.
  • Conversations – When a teammate comments on a check-in in Range, the conversation doesn’t stop there. You’ll receive a notification in Range and can continue chatting through Slack with everything synced back to Range.
  • Keep track of Slack to-dos – Easily add messages from Slack to Range, so you don’t lose track of what you’re working on.

Ready to get started with the Range app in Slack? Just follow these instructions to connect Range to Slack.

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