When you navigate to your daily check-in, Range will provide you with a list of suggested items to add to your plan. You can simply drag and drop items from the suggestions to your plan or to what happened. 

What if you’re not ready to share these items with your team? 

What if you plan to start that project next week? 

That’s where the “maybe later” feature comes in. 


Your maybe later list is a private repository of work that can be pulled from at any time. Maybe later helps you keep track of items that are important, but that you don’t plan to work on just yet. 


Add items that you want to save for later to your “maybe later” list. You can do this by:

  • Dragging items from your suggestions or plan to maybe later
  • Clicking the “maybe later” button under an item in your plan 
  • Navigating to: maybe later →  + add item 

Items in the list remain private and visible only to you until you add an item to your plan and hit publish.

When you are ready to add an item to your plan and share it with your team, simply drag the item to my plan or check it off to move it to what happened. 

💡Tip: Items listed in suggestions and maybe later are completely private and can’t be seen by anyone else on your team. Even your daily check-in stays private until you hit publish, so don’t worry about making edits up until you’re ready to share. 

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