Why integrate with Slack?

Your team might appreciate a reminder to check-in before using Range becomes habitual. Integrating with Slack is a great way to help teammates adopt Range with ease. Once each user links Range with their individual Slack account they will receive notifications from Range when teammates post check-ins. They can also write the @range bot to quickly add items to your Range check-in. Learn more about customizing your notifications.


Before each individual can link Slack, however, an administrator should connect Slack for the Range Workspace. Individual users will then need to link their identities by clicking "Link Slack" on the integrations settings page and going through the authentication flow.

How does it work?

The Range bot sets up a bidirectional direct message (DM) channel with each user. Notifications are sent as DMs and users can interact with Range by sending messages to the bot.

By default, the Range bot is not present in any team channels. Users must explicitly invite @range to a channel. Once in a channel the bot can be configured to push check-ins from team members, surface information such as moods or timezones, and can be CC’d on messages, which will add them to your check-in. Learn more about what you can do with the slackbot. 

Security considerations

The Slack integration must be configured for an organization by an administrator via OAuth. The scopes that are requested are bot and commands. This allows us to add a bot to your Slack workspace and use /slash commands and actions. Read more about Slack auth scopes.

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