Range is a workplace tool that encourages healthy habits.

With Range, your can:

  • Stay focused by taking a moment to plan your day.
  • Work in-sync by reading check-ins from your teammates.
  • Build a stronger team by answering simple questions designed to help people work better together.

Plan your day

Ever wonder “Where did all my time go?” Without a plan, It’s easy to get distracted by Emails and IMs. Writing a quick check-in each day can help you focus on the work that’s most important.

Range sends you a notification each morning to help you get ready for your day. Simply list a few things you plan to do this week, and a few things you’ve recently completed

💡Tip: Writing a check-in is sort of like writing a few Tweets. Each line should be able to be understood on its own and be meaningful to whoever might read it on your team. This’ll also make it easier to review your own past work later on.

Range gives you a moment to connect with your team. Each day you can answer a question that’s been carefully designed to help teams work better together.

You can also reflect on your own mood. This may seem silly, but being mindful of your own emotions, and sharing how you’re doing, can improve communication on a team.

Range automatically saves as you write, so you can use this page throughout the day. When you’re ready to share an with your team, click the Publish button.

Stay in sync

Between the dozens of tools your team uses, it can be hard to tell what’s actually going on. Range brings you relevant updates each day, so you can see everything at a glance.

You’ll get a Team update email from Range each afternoon. It includes the Main focus for each team member, which is a great way to see what’s happening in a few lines of text. The Range home screen shows everyone's main focus as well, and allows you to dig in to view the entire check-in.

💡Tip: Join a team. If your organization has multiple teams in Range, you should join the team you're on and follow other teams that you work closely with.

Build a stronger team

Working on a high-function team is amazing. But it can be difficult to figure out how to get there. Range presents discussion topics that are carefully designed to help teams work better together.

When you visit Range, you’ll see how your teammates have answered the team question each day. Some questions are fun, like “What’s your superpower?” Other questions are more focused on how you and your team work together, like “Who inspired you this week?”

Another important part of building a strong team is to give teammates feedback and recognition for the work they’re doing. In Range, you can use reactions to celebrate work by clicking the reaction icon to the right of each item.

💡Tip: Give lots of reactions! Your teammates will appreciate it. You can send a reaction because you appreciate the work, to ask for clarification, or even just thank someone for sharing. Let the gratitude flow freely.

Write your check-in in a fraction of the time

Range is it built to be the easiest way to write a status update for you team.

When you come back to Range each day, you’ll notice that your planned items are saved from your last check-in. If you finished a task, you can check it off as “Done” and it’ll move into the section below. If you’ve made some progress on a task, but it’s not done yet, you can leave it in your plan, and write a note about your progress in the “What happened” section.

Some people start their week by adding a bunch of items to their plan, and then use the plan as a way to prioritize their week. But when you have a long list of tasks, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. So Range considers the top item in each section your “Main focus”. This helps you indicate which task is the most important thing that you want to get done today.

Range also lets you import work from the other tools that you use. Range will automatically gather up the work you’ve done in other places, and offer it as a suggestion of what you might want to include to your check-in. 

Here are a few tools that work with Range today:

  • Google Calendar: Include some of your upcoming and past calendar events
  • Google Drive: Include documents you’ve worked on.
  • Asana: Include tasks you’ve completed.
  • Github: Include Pull Requests you’ve closed.
  • Jira: Include issues that you’ve resolved.
  • Slack: Import check-in items you’ve written to the Range Bot.

To get these helpful suggestions, you’ll need to link your accounts in Range Settings. Learn more about integrations

That’s it! Time to try it yourself.

Here’s the very best way you can get started with Range:

  1. Publish your first daily check-inWrite a short thoughtful check-in and share it with your team.
  2. Visit your profile Add some personality by editing your profile: add a photo, purpose, and most importantly your personal mascot. 
  3. Visit settings (in the bottom left) — Link the other tools you use.
  4. Let us know how it goes! — Seriously, we’re very excited to learn about how we can make Range work better for your team. So if you think of anything, please let us know. You can always reach us using Intercom (the circle-shaped button in the bottom right) or at feedback@range.co.
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